Plan Design

The design of your organization’s retirement plan plays a key role is determining the plan’s success, and ultimately, the success of your employees. A well-designed plan aligns your organization’s mission and ethos, the committee’s objectives, and employee demographics.

Quite often, our team finds that an organization’s plan design conflicts with other corporate benefit policies and runs counter to the committee’s stated objectives. Our thorough analysis of your plan’s provisions will uncover areas for improvement. In collaboration with your plan’s recordkeeper/administrator, our goal is to help structure a plan that creates a win-win for the organization and the employees alike.  

Plan features commonly highlighted in our analysis include:

  • Deferral types
  • Definition and treatment of compensation, disability and retirement
  • Eligibility and entry
  • Employer contribution formulas and requirements
  • Forms and frequency of distributions
  • Loans and financial hardships
  • Safe harbor considerations
  • Qualified default investment alternatives (QDIAs)
  • Self-directed brokerage windows
  • Trustee declarations
  • Use of auto features
  • Vesting schedules

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