Investment Consulting

In light of recent litigation surrounding investment choices, it is particularly important the committee engage an advisor firm well-versed in the retirement plan industry. Expertise of recordkeepers, mutual fund companies, and industry pricing methods is critical to minimizing costs. Despite the tendency to focus on investment performance, there are a number of equally important considerations in designing an investment lineup for a retirement plan, including:

  • Active versus passive
  • Asset class diversification
  • Expense ratios
  • Revenue sharing
  • Share classes
  • QDIA
  • Plan demographics
  • Platform flexibility
  • Proprietary versus non-proprietary

It is also important to understand who your organization is hiring for its investment consulting. At Aurum, our proprietary investment management philosophy and due diligence process permeate the firm; our team does not outsource investment management decisions to a third-party. This follows firmly in line with our Fiduciary Governance protocols; after all, if our team is going to provide fiduciary advice, it is crucial that we believe in the advice being given.

Our firm’s philosophy extends to the drafting, implementation and adoption of an Investment Policy Statement for your plan. This is the first step in aligning the plan’s Fiduciary Governance principles with its investment management. The IPS defines the manner in which plan assets will be managed, including the plan’s objectives, the respective duties and responsibilities of the committee and Aurum, and a description of the criteria used in the evaluation, selection and monitoring of plan investments.

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