Consulting and Advisory

No matter the size or scope of an organization or institutions, its leaders are tasked with critical fiduciary responsibilities. Aurum understands these obligations from every angle—and we offer a balanced and proven array of client-driven wealth and investment management consulting and advisory services for organizations and institutions.

Investment Committee Services

Aurum helps trustees and directors tasked with Investment Committee responsibilities fulfill their fiduciary obligations. For committees tasked with overseeing foundations and endowments, our consulting and advisory services include:

  • Asset Allocation Guidance
  • Manager Search and Selection
  • Discretionary Portfolio Management
  • Investment Policy Statement Creation and Monitoring
  • Investment Audits
  • Performance Reporting and Compliance Services

Sub-Advisory Services

Aurum delivers an outsourced investment management platform to advisors looking to outsource their investment management needs. The Aurum Asset Allocation Frameworks cover the full spectrum of clients, from conservative to aggressive, and include alternative asset classes to help diversify risk and achieve client objectives. We align a range of strategic portfolios guided by the Asset Allocation Frameworks to consider:

  • A detailed study of current assets
  • Future cash flow needs
  • Long-term objectives

The study of portfolio design among multiple investments began with Harry Markowitz in 1952, eventually resulting in the formalized "Portfolio Theory" (or Classic Portfolio Theory (CPT)). Still, there are reasons to challenge the basic assumptions of CPT, such as:

  • Behavioral finance
  • Market anomalies
  • Statistical inconsistencies

Because of this, portfolio construction today results in asset and liability mismatches; often fails to achieve true risk diversification; and does not dynamically assess asset class valuations. To compensate for this, Aurum has developed Ultra Modern Portfolio Theory® which incorporates traditional asset classes across equities, fixed income and cash, along with alternative investments to achieve not just diversification of assets, but also diversification of risks. By focusing on diversifying both the assets and the risks, we deliver less volatile portfolios with a higher probability of success in achieving your intended objectives. For a copy of our Ultra Modern Portfolio Theory whitepaper, please email us at

We developed the Aurum Asset Allocation Frameworks to incorporate the investment concepts and principles of Ultra-Modern Portfolio Theory. Thus, the five frameworks include behavioral finance ideas and include alternative asset classes to increase the portfolio opportunity set while lowering the likelihood of capital impairment. The frameworks are not static and our investment process continuously assesses valuation and thus future return and risk characteristics for each asset class.

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