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Yield Curve Ball


The spread between different Treasury bonds (the yield curve) signals a downshift in growth ahead. How should investors respond?

Trade War & Markets


Check out our video for what this means for the trade war and the current state of markets.

Federal Reserve Lowers Interest Rates


Check out our video for what this means for the stock and bond markets.

Chart Storm


There is a lot going in in the U.S. economy and financial markets. We boiled it down to four charts of interest to us today.

Music to Opportunity Zones


What does music sharing have to do with economic redevelopment?

Fed Changes Its Tune


The Federal Reserve has a problem.

On That Tax Season Grind


Our tax friends at Skoda Minotti are on the grind this time of year.  Late nights and weekends come with the territory, but there is an even bigger reason why this year. 

Will Private Equity Keep Winning?


Yale Endowment's Chief Investment Officer David Swenson belongs on the Mount Rushmore of institutional investors for changing the game of allocation and manager selection.

Fighting the Last War: Is Housing a Bubble?


When it comes to the housing market, it seems the general feeling is one of fear.

The Browns & Investor Behavior


A passion around here is football.  We love talking about the Cleveland Browns, the NFL, and the analytics teams use to make better informed decisions. 

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