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Great Expectations


Contrary to what many believe, the economy and stock market are not the same.  

Highway to the Opportunity Zone


Looking for tax savings?

Impact investing?

With support from communities, developers, investors, and somehow… both political parties?

How To Save


This is not a piece to detail how eliminating the daily Starbucks trip or cutting down on dinner out will set you on the path to financial success.  In fact, this is much simpler.

What Midterms Mean For Markets


Both the four-year presidential term and the stock market follow an interesting pattern.

Demographics as Destiny


What is the number one driver of long-term real estate prices?

Crude (Oil) Moves


Consumers are feeling a slight pinch at the gas pump these days.

Crossing the Zero Bound


When something is free on the internet, it is because you are the product. 

What’s Shaking Markets?


Tariffs and the Fed are on the list.

4 Surprising Charts


Below is a collection of charts and data detailing areas affecting the global economy and markets. 

Spring Selling Season: Housing Update


With spring selling season upon us, let’s take a trip through the latest data.

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