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Today’s New Narrative


On the latest news, narratives, negativity, and improving an annual Wall Street tradition.

Does Impeachment Matter to Markets?


Comparing the performance of the S&P 500 Index in previous impeachment inquiries.

Year-End Tax Planning Ideas


Three money-saving ideas to do before 2020.

3 Ways to Boost Roth IRA Savings


As we get to the end of the year, here are a few ways to increase your most tax-advantaged retirement accounts.

Tax Loss Harvesting


A great way to minimize taxes may be more challenging in 2019, we discuss how and why.

Market Volatility & Opportunity


One segment of the U.S. market has not made any progress in two years and nearly entered a bear market.

Best & Worst Way to Look at Bonds


How should investors think about bonds?

Global Growth & Negative Rates


The latest economic data is underwhelming and bond market yields keep falling around the world.

Yield Curve Ball


The spread between different Treasury bonds (the yield curve) signals a downshift in growth ahead. How should investors respond?

Trade War & Markets


Check out our video for what this means for the trade war and the current state of markets.

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