About Us

Stability, poise and focus in a world of opportunity.

At Aurum, our mission is to provide you with the resources, expertise and technology to help you become an effective CEO of your money.

Aurum is a fee-based Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) affiliated with Skoda Minotti, one of the nation’s largest independent CPA and business advisory firms. Our services are focused on both family wealth management and corporate retirement plans. For families, we work to develop a clear financial plan that puts you in control of your investments, maximizes your investment opportunities, and delivers an outcome designed to achieve your goals. For corporate retirement plans, we provide companies with customized retirement plan solutions that mitigate fiduciary risk, reduce costs and minimize administrative burdens. Above all, we strive to provide great value and guidance to employees.

Our firm adheres to a philosophy of always acting as an Advocate For Your Wealth℠ and our deep bench of tenured advisors, retirement plan specialists, Certified Financial Planners® (CFP), Certified Public Accountants (CPA) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charterholders are solely focused on delivering the solutions needed to achieve the financial security you desire. 

Quick Facts about Aurum

  • Founded in 2006 as a joint venture with Skoda Minotti
  • Office locations in Cleveland and Akron, Ohio and Tampa, Florida
  • SEC-registered investment adviser (RIA) [see our form ADV here]
  • Assets under management: Aurum manages $704.4 million in assets on a discretionary basis and $4.6 million in assets on a non-discretionary basis on behalf of approximately 825 clients. In addition, Aurum provides ongoing consulting to company-sponsored employee retirement plans in excess of $295.3 million.
  • Always engaged as a fiduciary

What Defines Us

  • We never lose sight that this is your money and we have a fiduciary responsibility when it comes to the management of it
  • We consider the financial plan we develop for you the key to achieving your financial security
  • We believe an effective investment management process requires the integration of financial planning, investment due diligence and tax management
  • Our investment philosophy centers around a traditional value-based style of investing that is global in nature, and utilizes both active and passive investment vehicles
  • We are passionate about helping retirement plan sponsors and their participants achieve their retirement goals
  • We are a technology-focused firm that leverages leading-edge, cloud-based technologies to deliver a best-in-class client experience

At Aurum, our world centers on you. As seasoned investment advisors, we take an active role in every aspect of your wealth management. This includes:

  • Defining your true goals and objectives through a comprehensive financial plan
  • Getting to know your risk profile, time horizons, concerns and desires before you invest
  • Designing a strategic portfolio to help you efficiently achieve your plan
  • Setting investment policies and guidelines to document the investment process
  • Effective tax planning and risk management
  • Helping you evaluate and take advantage of market opportunities
  • Providing advice on savings, retirement withdrawal strategies, insurance, and estate planning

Are you searching for a leading investment advisory firm? Please call us at 866-605-1901, or complete this form, and an Aurum representative will respond shortly.


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