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There are two ways to make money when it comes to investing; rely on either luck or discipline. Following a structured investment program takes the emotion out of investing and allows you to weather the frequent storms passing through the capital markets.


The Aurum client experience starts with truly understanding your goals. These vary from cash flows needs supporting a current lifestyle, to passing down wealth for future generations, or even funding charitable causes. After defining goals, we develop a detailed financial analysis showing your current financial position along with the returns and cash flows necessary to achieve your desired outcomes. We statistically test the plan to determine whether there is a reasonable probability of achieving these assumptions. Once completed, you will have a very clear picture of what level of returns and risk is necessary to achieve your stated financial goals.

Far too often, we find that investors take more risk than necessary in portfolios, leading to a higher probability of failure and derailing the desired goals. Typically, the source is an investor being sold inferior products or investments based only on past performance. This usually means buying assets at high prices leading to low future returns.

Our approach to building a portfolio is process driven rather than sales driven. With our asset allocation frameworks as a guide for portfolio design, and taking into account individual client objectives, we then focus on investment manager due diligence. This quantitative and qualitative process seeks high quality investment managers across asset classes. The result of the process is a portfolio diversified across assets along with risk. This helps provide true downside protection in today’s volatile markets.

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